Success of your ASC results from proven management practices that are rigorously followed day-to-day. As your partner, we will provide expert ongoing management of your operations to ensure every aspect of operations results in immediate and long-term profitability. You will benefit from our years of experience and proprietary analytical tools and benchmarking. The following is a summary list of the services we provide as your management partner:

  • Prepare annual operating and capital budget
  • Manage human resources, benefit programs, staff development and performance
  • Provide benchmarking information to evaluate efficiency, costs of services and revenue per case
  • Conduct on-going training and provide day-to-day resources for your staff
  • Manage credit and collections policies to minimize bad debts and maintain high collections
  • Design and implement patient awareness programs
  • Develop seminars promoting physicians and the center
  • Negotiate payer contracts and transition contracts to the center
  • Review fee schedules and payer history to maximize profit and remain competitive
  • Conduct regular compliance and billing audits
  • Manage and maintain liability and malpractice insurance
  • Administration of medical director's agreement
  • Statistical reporting to governing board
  • Oversight of general accounting and bookkeeping
  • Oversight of general ledger including financial statements
  • Prepare and review monthly financial statements
  • Cash management
  • Loan and equipment lease administration
  • Partnership administration and distribution of dividends
  • Marketing to physicians, payers and community
  • Update administrative and clinical policies and procedures
  • Implement a HIPAA compliance adjusted for the surgery center
  • Physician recruiting
  • Interface with medical staff on an ongoing basis
  • Develop new services and programs

Retroactive Contract Analysis™

Our proprietary managed care contract tool has a success record in surgery centers across the nation. This remarkable tool brings you an objective report of your center's payment history per payer per procedure. It enables you to compare those procedure payments among all your payers and with payers in your region. You can evaluate the return on the discounts you are giving, based on the volume that each payer is generating. Armed with this vital information, your management team will identify:

  • Procedures to carve out
  • Contracts to renegotiate
  • Contracts to cancel
  • Contracts for participation and those to be made non-par before the contract signing
  • Terms that must be negotiated to improve your net revenue

Finally, the data you need!