ASDManagement  operates under the direction of our founders and managing partners, Robert Zasa and Joe Zasa. They are supported by a full-time staff of experts in ambulatory surgery centers. On our team, you will find specialists in nursing, reimbursement, operations and facility management, business office, staffing, certification and accreditation, licensing and managed care contracting—the full complement of expertise you need to make your center successful. Plus, you have the added value of one of our managing partners directly involved in your center to ensure optimal leadership and coordination.

We also have a vast reservoir of alliances with legal experts, financial institutions, accountants, valuation firms, equipment firms, group purchasing organizations, architects and builders, marketing and web developers with whom we have preferential rates and services to bring added value to your center.

In this section, we introduce you to our partners, vice presidents and associates. We also present an overview of our alliances.





We offer our managed surgery centers key services, discounts and expertise through our network of exceptional alliances. The firms with which we do busines are also committed to maximizing success for each of our surgery centers.

  • Group Purchasing
  • Staffing and Benefits
  • Software Purchasing
  • IT Coordination
  • Equipment
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Billing Services
  • Marketing