These are the principles and ethics that guide our service.

Our ethics in the development and operations of each client’s business must be exemplary.

We are client-focused. Our sole purpose is to help our clients become profitable, achieve clinical excellence, operate effectively and collaborate as a team. We lead with a servant heart, and sweat the details for our clients. We aim to form strong team relationships with the staff of each center.

We continually innovate. We always encourage innovation in accomplishing goals. We continue to reinvent ourselves to improve our methods and exhibit best practices.

We are excellent in executing development and management plans. We operate and make decisions on a time-critical basis. We are thorough, efficient and thoughtful in the use of each other’s time and the time of our local staff. We are committed to higher levels of excellence.

Our reputation is based on outstanding performance and ability to exceed national benchmarks. We hold each other and each local staff accountable for tasks assigned. We reinforce one another so we speak with the same voice and in a coordinated fashion. We reinforce local staff by making them part of our team. We admit when we are wrong, try harder and learn from our mistakes.

We are a company of growth. We are committed to the professional and personal growth of each individual in the ASD Management family. We continue to learn and grow in the ambulatory surgery field. We support the professional development of local staff.