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Most experienced ASC firm with 25 years of success for over 200 clients

Achieving profitability has become even more difficult in a challenging economy. By focusing on the business of the business—the essential day-to-day management, clinical operations, return on payer contracts, staffing, accounting, receivables and inventory, ASD Management transforms struggling centers into highly profitable centers. We are also experts at increasing revenue by adding the right clinical services, recruiting physicians, creating more volume for physicians even in competitive markets, reorganizing legal structures and adding new investors.

Here are a few of our success stories:

Revitalize Your Surgery Center

ASD Management is like a turnaround SWAT team that quickly gets to the core of barriers to success, strategically develops a custom improvement strategy and decisively implements positive change—resulting in immediate and long-term profitability. We will bring our expertise, ambition and network of colleagues and resources to revitalize your business and profitability.

  • We redesign the legal, ownership and organizational structure of your ASC to meet your current and future goals
  • We execute a thorough evaluation of the performance of your ASC
    • Operational audit to identify opportunities for positive change
      • Outpatient services
      • Patient processing
      • Management systems
      • Clinical operations
      • Business office
    • Analysis of managed care contract performance, using our Retroactive Contract Analysis™
      • Evaluate return on managed care contracts
      • Review payment history, contract by contract
      • Use our data to negotiate more favorable terms and fees
    • Analysis of opportunities to grow your business
      • New services to meet trends in your market
      • Physician utilization and referrals
      • Marketing, web site and public relations strategies
  • We develop and implement a custom management plan, based on proven strategies for success and including measurements of results. Please visit the Management section to review our scope of management services.
We believe every center is ripe for some turnaround to ensure or enhance profitability. To that end, we objectively analyze all of our managed centers every three years. With fresh eyes, we evaluate each center’s operations, policies, practices, systems, contracts, physician volume, finances and clinical services to discover opportunities for improvement.

Our turnarounds are legendary. Read about what others have said about our success: